Hazel Newsom

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, CHT

The Hope of Spring

Welcome to Spring!
For days and weeks it has rained – and rained – drenching everything and everyone. I tell myself it keeps the air we breathe clear and healthy. And yet … the skies are gray and dreary. Days are short and it is dark by 4 p.m. some evenings. The trees are bare and stark. At times one wonders if they are even alive.

And then – out comes the sun. One glorious morning you awaken and the sky is blue and the sun begins to shine, and as if by magic, those trees are covered in pink and white blossoms, looking absolutely gorgeous. They seem to say “Yes, I survived the dark, gray days of Winter and I am still here. I am alive and beautiful.”

Do you feel your spirits lift when you realize that Spring is here once again? I do. There is a lightness in my soul. I realize yet again that every Winter is followed by Spring and the promise of re-birth. Suddenly it is still light at 5 p.m. and then 6 p.m. and we realize the importance of having light in our life and the promise that good things are coming.

So it is in our circle of life. Yes, we have those periods of darkness, challenges, grief and loss maybe, but if we hold firm and remember the hope that Spring brings us, we will be comforted in knowing that light will follow. There will always be some joy, somewhere that we can embrace, if only for moments at a time.

The words of a Judy Garland song come to mind ….
“Look for the silver lining whene’er a cloud appears in the sky. Remember somewhere the sun is shining and so the right thing to do is to make it shine for you.”

Take heart and welcome Spring!

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