Self Confidence

Are you one of the many who feel that somehow at times they are "not enough." Thoughts creep in ... "I am not smart enough to ..., I am not dedicated enough to ... I am not lovable enough."

Some of these beliefs about ourselves originate in childhood and the subconscious has stored certain things we were told or perceptions we gained. With hypnosis you can re-frame those unconscious beliefs and recognize the positive aspects of your personality and abilities. You can find that confidence that enables you to tackle tasks and opportunities that you may not have felt qualified to handle in the past.

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~ Client Reviews ~

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Hazel: Just wanted to let you know that our session was a success! I was able to drive a 3.5 hour trip without any panic! I was calm, confident and found the trip to be very enjoyable. Thank you for giving me my freedom back!

Carol H

Forks, WA


"I listened to Hazel's audio download again and realized that some of the suggestions she gave were exactly what the doctor commented on after surgery: Took very little sedative; little blood loss; my blood pressure was excellent. I know the surgery went very well because of her hypnosis and I am healing very quickly."

Melody L.


Hazel, I want to thank you for all the work you did with me for my stress and anxiety. Your life coaching, compassion and understanding were so comforting and reassuring to me during a very difficult time in in my life.

Jane E.

San Diego, CA

I'm calling to let you know that after my second session I overcame my fear of going to sleep. I know it was your help and I thank you enormously.

Gary P.

Hoquaim, WA

I've got my power back! I'm sitting in the airport, Hazel, going over this extraordinary weekend. Sometimes you have an experience and meet someone who changes your life. You are that someone in my life. Thank you.

Alice M.

Santa Barbara, CA

Thank you Hazel. I truly enjoy my visits with you! With your help I am making some positive changes and I couldn't have a better coach. I feel better about who I am and where I am headed. Thanks again.

Demi S.

January 2018

I couldn't wait to tell you. Listened to your download last night and this morning and enjoyed my flight. I was calm and relaxed the entire time, even in moderate turbulence. Again, thank you for being an instrument of change and improving my quality of life.

Danielle T.

March 2018

I passed my tests! I am so so happy to be done. This was my easiest testing in 24 years of flying. I know it is the result of my sessions with you as well as the wonderful CD on focus and concentration. I can't thank you enough!

Katherine B.

Olympia, WA - December 2018

Finding you to help me with lifelong weight issues has been a miracle for me! I find I am eating less, evaluating when I am full and stopping, as well as making better food choices! I look forward to our session appointments as one of the best things in my life 🙂

Elaine R.

Tenino, WA - February 2019