Hazel Newsom

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, CHT

The Gift of Longer Days

Yesterday, we turned a corner … the Winter Solstice was upon us. This year it coincided with a wonderful occurrence, a celestial event that last occurred 800 years ago. The planets Jupiter and Saturn were as close as they get and appeared to some as a brilliant star. Unfortunately, here in the Pacific Northwest we were experiencing rain and sleet and did not get to see it.

However, it was also the shortest day of the year and today, December 22nd change took place.

Today we had three minutes more of daylight and so it will continue through the Winter and Summer – less darkness, more light. And it occurred to me what a wonderful gift that is … that in the height of Winter we are given a promise, something to look forward to.

And I had a thought – what could I do with three extra minutes of light. How could I make the most of it. And I decided to invite my friends to join me in acknowledging those extra three minutes of daylight by spending just three minutes of dedicated attention to positive thoughts and gratitude. Just three minutes of quiet contemplation and gratitude for the extra light in our lives and any other positive things we are grateful. And then I thought, why limit it to just my immediate friends, and what better way to share it than in this short acknowledgment to all who read my blog.

o I wish you all a very positive and grateful time of quiet optimism for more light and laughter in the months ahead.

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