I appeared on Good Morning America, and have helped hundreds of clients who have wanted to lose weight using hypnosis.

I offer 2 approaches to weight loss - please read more below:


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Gastric Band Therapy


This revolutionary weight loss program was developed by Martin and Marion Shirran at their Elite Clinic in Spain. Hazel Newsom, trained by the Shirran's in Spain, is a Certified Gastric mind Band Therapist. We are proud to have been the first in the U.S.A. to offer this excellent weight loss program. Please read below for further information. The Gastric mind Band program is the unique, painless method of losing weight through hypnosis. It has brought a positive new life to people from New York to Seattle, from San Diego to Olympia, Washington.

This 4 session intensive program, plus follow up sessions with ongoing support, is not about dieting, it is about making positive changes to your lifestyle that will be permanent. The program involves hypnosis and other techniques for mind/body connection and on the fourth session you will, under hypnosis, experience having a lap band fitted without actually going through the surgery.

When you awaken from your hypnosis session you will possibly remember being wheeled into the operating room, soft voices of nurses and doctors, the clank of surgical instruments and the smell of the anesthetic. You will feel that your stomach has become much smaller, as if you had actually had the surgery to have a gastric band fitted without any of the risks involved with having that surgery.

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Weight Release - from and to images


The MMP Power of Three program is a highly successful program that facilitates getting rid of those excess pounds efficiently, effectively and easily.  It is individually designed to meet the specific needs of each client.

There is no "one size fits all about weight loss" and we will work together to achieve the weight and shape you want to be.

This weight program is not about dieting, it is a change of attitude toward food and lifestyle. It creates a positive approach to health and well-being, of which one part is weight.

You will love this effective approach to weight loss.   The core of this program is the first three sessions to get you well on your way to shedding excess pounds.  Some clients find this is all they need to make the changes they need to make. Others have additional sessions as needed.  You will know when you have achieved your goal and you decide how many sessions, if any, you want after the initial three sessions. It includes downloads for reinforcement at home.
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~ Client Reviews ~

Regarding: Weight Loss Hypnosis Therapy

Hi Hazel!
I'm still on the journey and I've lost 25+lbs!  From 207 to 176!  I thought there was something wrong w the scale this am!  1st time I weighed in.   Last night I didn't have the apple fritter my husband, the sweet tooth offered me!  I had an avocado instead. Big changes here as I am still listening to your recordings!    Thanks!   

Sherri B, Centralia

June, 2022

It was so good to see you yesterday. I can't thank you enough. I was so stressed out
and overwhelmed and you reversed that w the hypnosis. After my session w you, I went out and bought a bunch of healthy foods at T.J’s and today I will go to the food co-op for veggies. It felt too hard to do before my session. But I have a certain ease in my mind about this lifestyle change now. Thanks so much for all of your help and support.

Shirley B. Olympia

May, 2022

Hazel: I went way beyond my goal. Reached 134. You helped me get there.

Thank you !

Judith B, Washington DC

Oct, 2021

Good afternoon Miss Hazel. I hope you are well and finding some sunshine. I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I am down 26 lbs since February! You are truly amazing at what you do and I am so blessed that we have crossed paths. I was hoping we could schedule a follow up appointment of some sort to help me stay on track. I look forward to seeing you again and I'm vaccinated so be prepared for a hug 🙂

Kari Dieg

June, 2021

When I started working with you my AC1 was 7.1. Last week's test reported in at 6.4. Now my goal is 6. Love the CD you provided on the most recent visit. Thanks for your continuing support.

Sandy V

Raymond, WA

It's been thirty days and I have released 30 lbs. The GmBand program is fabulous. Half of me is amazed, the other half of me says "just as planned."

Christine G.


I am doing great - weight is staying off at around 90 lbs. I'm feeling positive about where I'm at, and I feel as if so many opportunities have opened up as a result of this new-found freedom. I've been using the downloads you made for me, which are great reinforcement.

Amber P

Olympia, WA

All is well here in Portland. I wanted to share today's happening. At your office I think I was 366. Well, I had a hiccup or two along the way but as of today I'm at 249! Now I'm off to somewhere between 220 and 230. My trainer thinks I can maintain that easily with my new mindset. I'm super excited and I wanted to thank you for kicking the ball rolling and getting my mind on the right track.

Jason M

Portland, OR

I just wanted to send out an email about my progress. I am down 14 pounds in 11 days. WOW!! The coolest part is I do not feel like I have done anything. 1/28/2012 - 46 lbs down now! I have reduced 46 pounds!! AMAZING!! There are still days that I probably indulge more than I should, but I don't let that bother me in the least. The sun comes up on a brand new day every 24 hours, incredible huh!!

Judy J


Hello Hazel!
I wanted to update you on progress! In the last month I have been able to shed 15 pounds off my body! Feeling great!
Hope you are well!

Stefanie T. Tumwater

February, 2023