Hazel Newsom

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, CHT

June 20th Summer Solstice

It is once more that time of year when we are gifted longer days and more daylight. I have many friends who say they long for this time and love it when it arrives. I agree, there are many wonderful benefits of having longer days and lighter evenings.

As we know, life is a circle, and this time will come to an end yet again, so why not resolve to make the most of the light days and evenings this year. Take time to go out in the warmer evenings and take a walk. It does not have to be far, but just being out in the air can be freeing.

Each day we have been having 3 minutes more of light each day. In the US the longest day this year is June 20th.The Summer Solstice occurs at 16.45 and so I encourage everyone to make the most of this as change will be upon us soon.

But as I was thinking about this, I thought about something that I have encouraged my friends and clients to do, if possible, and decided it was time to share it yet again.

I invite you to join me in acknowledging those extra three minutes of daylight we have been having by spending just three minutes of dedicated attention to positive thoughts and gratitude.  Just three minutes of quiet contemplation and gratitude for the extra light in our lives and any other positive things we are grateful for.   Use those extra three minutes to enhance your life experience … for you are the co-creator of your experience here.  And even when the days begin to shorten, why not continue to express appreciation for the positive aspects of your life.

So, I wish you all a very positive and grateful time of quiet optimism for more light and laughter in the months and year a head.

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