Hazel Newsom

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, CHT

The Promise of Spring

I took a walk yesterday. You may wonder why is this worth writing about, but right now, like many of you, I am living in lock down conditions. I am not visiting the stores, having goods delivered to the house and keeping a 6 ft social distance practice. I closed my office and am giving hypnosis sessions via Skype and Facetime and Messenger. Most of my family and friends are working from home and it is a different experience.

So yesterday, when Spring was in the air, I went to a local water inlet wildlife refuge, along with many other people. As we are restricted in our connection to others due to the virus, it was the perfect place as there was plenty of space and air and it was absolutely gorgeous there. The sky was a clear blue, the sun was warm and the heron trying to eat a snake did not care one whit about the virus, or us watching him… and you realize that life will go on. And so we know that this will pass but perhaps this is a way of having us look at our lives and think about slowing down.

Could this be a correction to humanity, just as there are stock market corrections? A re-set perhaps? Maybe it’s time to slow down and enjoy the moment – the heron intent on having his meal, the Canadian geese floating gracefully on the water, the eagle soaring overhead. And if that is not available to you, perhaps just some quiet music, or a Nature program on the T.V.

We are in difficult times, but there is always the promise of Spring, for it WILL follow Winter.

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