Stop Smoking

Are you looking for an effective way to quit smoking? Let me help you as I have helped hundreds of people who have tried other methods to stop smoking but have failed.

With the right motivation YOU CAN QUIT! Etc. I value each and every client and will work with you to achieve your goal to quit smoking …. Etc. painlessly.

Most people know that if they quit smoking now they can improve their health and save hundreds of dollars per year.

  • Fear that you will have to give up your crutch or pleasure.
  • Fear that you will be unable to handle stress
  • Fear that you will put on weight
  • Fear that it will be traumatic to give up smoking
  • Fear that you will never be free of the cravings
  • All these are just examples of one overriding fear - that it will be too difficult and too painful.

With Hypnosis you can stop smoking easily, naturally and permanently without the weight gain and stress that is often associated with quitting this habit.  Just spend two sessions with me and  you will use the power of your subconscious mind to enable you to become a non-smoker once and for all.

We value each client and work with you to achieve your goal to quit smoking.   No matter how many years you have smoked, no matter how many cigarettes you smoke a day, if you have the desire to be a non-smoker this is the program that will help you achieve this desire easily and painlessly.

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~ Client Reviews ~

Regarding: Stop Smoking Hypnosis Therapy

Good morning!!!! ..... here to once again thank you for changing my life!!! Last week I celebrated 4 years of being nicotine free!!! I continue to share my story and tell people I couldn't have done it without your help!!! Thank you!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!

Kim L

February 2021

Good morning Hazel. I am now a non smoker thanks to your help and support.  My last smoke was right before I met with you last Friday! I feel like I'm dreaming, I can't believe it,  I did it. My kids are as proud of me as I thought they would be. Thank you so very much!  I have other thing in the near  future I would like your help tackling.  Thank you so much!!!

Ashley B, Olympia

November, 2020

Thinking of you today on my (our) one year anniversary!  Thank you so much for helping me stop smoking!  “Helping” doesn’t actually seem like the correct term to use since I believe you created this.
I hope all is wonderful in your life.

Colleen R

October, 2019

Dear Hazel,

Four weeks ago today, I became a non-smoker (for life) because of my experience with you (Hazel)!  When we met four weeks ago, you introduced me to your program,  I was optimistic.  My smoking pass was far from hopeful... I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 30 plus years and had tried everything to stop... the nicotine patch, the nicotine gum, the nicotine throat lozenges, cold turkey, the count down… all of it... nothing worked.

And then, I met you (Hazel), after our first visit, I was for the first time in my life, very hopeful that I could become a non-smoker (for life)! 

I told everyone how excited and accomplished I felt with my new life as a non-smoker and my session with you (Hazel).  My family and friends were so happy with the positive choices I had made for myself and my family.

When you (Hazel) invited me for a second session... I welcomed the visit! (Mostly because I enjoyed your lovely, soothing voice, which gave me great comfort.)  My second visit with you was incredible!  The session confirmed everything from the first session, and added the gift of getting past some of my hurdles.  You (Hazel) set a beautiful stage for my future as a non-smoker!

Thank you Hazel!   I hope you will share my story with anyone that you feel you can help!  You are a wonderful person and I will remember you for the remainder of my life.

Fondly and Sincerely,


Karen P

Olympia, WA, July 22, 2019

My smoking cessation was so successful that my doctor asked for your phone number and some business cards. Could you kindly let me have some and I will pass them on and give some to my friends. Thank you!

William C

Aberdeen, WA | December 2018

Over a year ago I sat in your office with little expectations but a lot of hope. In my mind you put me on a park bench promising my daughter I would never smoke again. The hypnosis experience was more emotional than I ever expected it would be. I have not smoked since February 15, 2017! Thank you for changing my life.

Kim P

March 2018

As I write this I am breathing in the smell of a brand, new, positive start in my new home. and I could only think to say THANK YOU! I have stopped smoking and I feel euphoric and at peace all at once. You've been such a gift to me. My most sincere thanks!

Mariah C

Tenino, WA

As I write this I am breathing in the smell of a brand, new, positive start in my new home. and I could only think to say THANK YOU! I have stopped smoking and I feel euphoric and at peace all at once. You've been such a gift to me. My most sincere thanks!

Mariah C

Tenino, WA

Not smoking, don't want to, don't have to. I'm a believer.

A1 R

Olympia, WA

Hazel, Today is 4 weeks since I've seen you and since I had my last cigarette. I've listened to the follow up download and I went in the sauna everyday for the first week, which I believed helped rid my body of the nicotine. Three days after I saw you I was let go from my job, if I didn't smoke due to that stress, I likely will never smoke again. Thank you so much for helping me with this! My husband and children are so proud and even I can't believe I'm doing it!!

Stacy S

October, 2017

Hello Hazel,

Happy New Year! I hope this email finds you well.

Just a quick update on my progress. It has been 5 weeks since the GMB hypnotherapy session, and I have let go of 7.5 pounds! I am so pleased with this progress, especially since I took a week of latitude over the holidays.

And of course, I am still a non-smoker! I am excited for how this year will be my journey to good health!

Thank you for your amazing guidance on this journey!


Rachelle R

Rachel R.

January, 2023