Hazel Newsom

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, CHT

Fear of Flying

Summer is almost upon us and many of us are starting to think of trips we can make, vacations we have been waiting for, a chance to get away. In a big country, where relatives are spread out across many states, it means that we must take a flight to have that visit with friends and family, or fly to a cruise departure destination.

Air travel has produced anxiety for many people over the years. Those people who are uncomfortable when they have no control over a situation, those who prefer to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground, can be anxious at the thought of flying, but they have gained control over that feeling. Then along comes a situation where it is found that aircraft have been faulty, and have indeed crashed and the fear factor escalates.

If you find yourself more anxious at the thought of flying, consider using your very powerful subconscious mind to help you re-frame your negative fears. Remember that flying is the safest mode of transportation and then use positive reinforcement to help you overcome your temporary fear of flying. You may choose to have a personal session with me or purchase a Fear of Flying download available in our Store to help your subconscious mind to overcome your fear of flying.

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