Hazel Newsom

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, CHT


March is here and a new season begins. For some it is Autumn for others Spring. Wherever we are, once more we go into a new season, a time of change. For some it is a time of rebirth – a new beginning and for others it is time to settle back and prepare for a period of quiet contemplation.

Many, many years ago, a wise and wonderful man told me “Hazel, All change is stressful, even positive change”. This was a new concept to me. Up to that point I had always assumed that change had to be negative for it to be stressful, but that one sentence has stayed with me. I have come to realize that any kind of change can be stressful, but it is necessary if we are to move forward in life. Without change there cannot be progress. To the degree that it is stressful, in many ways, depends on how we deal with change, how we welcome change, accept change, embrace change.

Some change we ourselves create and invite, sometimes it comes into our life unexpectedly and uninvited due to external circumstances. We may not always be able to control the events in our life, or other people’s actions, but we can control the way we let them affect us. If you find yourself feeling any resistance to change, maybe it’s time to create a new way of thinking, acting and being.

Our life is what our thoughts make it. Marcus Aurelius Antoninus 121AD – 180 AD

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